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Application Checklist

Thank you for your interest to apply at Islamic School of Irving. In order to complete the application process, please complete the checklist items listed below, including submission of all supplemental application forms.

Applicants must meet Age Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet Age Eligibility Requirements:

Students must reach the minimum age eligibility by October 31st of the enrolling academic year. For example, PreK-3 students must be 3 years old by October 31st (10/31) of the academic year that he/she will be attending PreK-3.

Early Childhood Applicant
(PreK-3, PreK-4, Kindergarten)

Elementary School Applicant
(1st thru 5th Grades)

Middle School Applicant

High School Applicant:

Submit completed Online Application and application fee of $200.

Complete Placement Test/Evaluation.

For questions; please contact Admissions department by email at or by phone at 972-268-6716 or 972-812-2230 extension 1150.

Message from Admissions

March 2nd, 2023

Assalamu Alaikum – March 2nd, 2023. Due to the high volume of applications received and the limited seats available, most grade levels are on a wait list. Any New applications will go directly onto the wait list. Admissions will contact applicants directly to schedule the entrance exam upon seat availability. All wait-listed applicants are processed in order of first come – first served; based on the date of the finished and submitted application received. JazakumAllahu khairan.